Its a tale of toys and mystery...

"A Toast To This small world" Is a surrealist project by Tkinoiitalian that focuses on a young toymaker and shop owner named Kizmet who lives in the town of Yori, on a planet comprised of only toys devoid of any nature. A large and famous family who go by the title 'The Matrosha family' have dominated the planet, and own most of the money, leaving many toys poor and forcing them to close down their shops.Their product 'The Matrosha Bear' is a teddy bear that has become one of the bestselling toys on the entire planet ever! Wondering their true orgins, she makes it her goal to put an end to the suffering the Matrosha family has caused so many of her fellow citizens.

A Toast To This Small World is a personal project that falls in the category of nostalgia, mystery, surrealism and absurdism. It may deal with dark themes throughout parts, but at the end of the day its a lighthearted story full of hope and full of friendship.