My name is Vic and I am an experimental and multimedia artist. My penname is Tkinoiitalian.

I am mainly interested in toys, hense the main focus of my art. I made a toast to this small world around may of 2020 however I've been drawing and storytelling for about 10 years now, but also my entire life. My birthday is January 19th and my favorite colors are yellow and purple.

I'm mostly inspired by artists like Osamu Sato, ZUN , Kazuyuki Kurashima, Robert Fichter and multiple online artists. I don't really know where I got my art style if ill be honest, it just develops itself lol. But if I had to choose two of the main influences it would be Sato and toys. Also kirby art.

Outside of art I have an interest in technology and coding, joining robotics clubs and tinkering with all kinds of mechanics ever since I was barely a teen. I've always loved coding ever since I managed to touch a computer. I also love old video games and old internet graphics. I also love to collect figures, antiques and toys. I have a huge collection that I will post on this website one day.

Q and A
Q: what art program do you use?
A: Firealpaca.
Q: May I use your art as an icon/banner/etc?
A: Yes! Please credit me if you do
Q: May I repost your art to different websites?
A: Please do not
Q: May I draw fanart of your characters?
A: Of course! (Please do not make offensive or sexual imagery of my characters, as well as l*li/sh*ta even if sfw.)

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